Five Reasons Why You Need To Shake Up Your Life

It’s raining in my part of the world on this first Tuesday in June of 2017.

In fact, the weather predictions for the remainder of the week include rain and very unseasonably cool temperatures. So, this is spring, huh?

As an entrepreneur who generally works from home, my first instinct today might be to consider doing just that – working from home. Stay in as much as possible and simply be comfortable.

However, I have a variety of commitments that will require me to spend a significant amount of time outdoors today. Some will require that I travel to a few networking and business events, where I will need to be Mama Sunshine. I’m ready to go forward with them, despite the inclement weather, despite the potential for discomfort, because these are some of the things that are required in my Journey Back to Me.

When you are a leader pursuing goals, especially big goals, not everything will be within your comfort zone.

You can’t expect better, different outcomes, by engaging in the S.O.S.

Sometimes your come up will indeed require a shake up.  You’ll need to get out of your comfort zone. After all, very few things worth having come easy or without sacrifice.

Safety has its risks

In a changing and competitive world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest decisions you can ever make. It’s not necessarily about proving anything to yourself (or anyone else), but more about improving yourself. There’s average and then there’s you, or at least the you, that you desire to be. Are you living your life and executing your goals on all cylinders and if not, why not?

Comfort zone be damned

Very little, if anything exciting happens within our comfort zone. Not only will stepping out of your comfort zone, make you stronger, it’s a huge confidence builder. Confidence and commitment breed success.

Conflict Resolution

Stagnation leads to frustration and that behooves us to re-evaluate our lives and look at things from a different perspective. In doing so we often discover that what we are doing is in conflict with who we are. When our actions are not in alignment with our values, we have in many cases created a recipe for disaster

Change is good

Change your surroundings, change your circle of associates, change your mindset. Very often, the shake up that is needed requires a change of scenery. Where we are seen, who we are seen with and what we are seeing when we analyze our circumstances up close and personal does matter. The people you believe to be your supporters or the thing you believe to be your strength could very well be what is holding you back. What idea that you thought was your masterpiece, may, in fact be what is causing your migraine.

 Acceptance vs. Exception

When you’ve grown tired of the same old story, it may be time to turn and create a new page. We can choose the path of acceptance and surrender to the “okey-doke,” or choose to be the exception, and take that leap of faith. Pursue your goals unapologetically, no matter what. Be unafraid of the shake up, which will likely bring you closer to the life that you have been dreaming of. However, be afraid and of course mindful of the temptation to surrender to mediocrity and the haunting words, “What if…?”

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

What changes are you considering making in your life and what help may you need to make them happen?

  • Lily @militaryfamof8
    June 6, 2017

    This was such an eye opening post!
    I have been working hard these last 2 months in trying to leave my comfort zone, my safe zone; and it really has opened my eyes and doors. I am glad I found your blog!

    • Jacqueline Dujour
      June 7, 2017

      Thanks for sharing Lily. Wishing you all the best as you exit your comfort/safe zone. Great things ahead for you I am sure.

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