A Great Father Figure In Absence of Their Dad

As seen on the Today Parenting Team site


When my husband died suddenly on Super Bowl Sunday more than a decade ago, I became a suddenly single mom of 2 boys, 6 y.o and 11 y.o.

Amidst all the confusion, loss and disruption that our lives would face, I never expected to meet a man like Fred.

My husband was a great dad and his passing left a void in our lives, My boys idolized him and despite being the best mom that I could be, I knew I could never be their dad.

And then in walks Fred, a hardworking decorated Marine veteran, who has now been in my children’s lives, longer than their biological dad. He made it clear to my boys that he was never going to attempt to replace their dad. He simply wanted to be a father figure for them in absence of their dad.

I’ve been blessed to find a man who not only loves me, but loves my sons equally.

I thank him for putting his life on the line for his country, for being a great father figure for my sons and for being my #1 cheerleader in life.

Happy Father’s Day, Fred!


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