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Results Matter

“Impress with your RESUME. Dazzle with your RESULTS.” – Jacqueline Miller. Whether I am supporting a corporate client with their employee-related business success strategies, on a stage empowering women to be fearless leaders and entrepreneurs, or in a V.I.P. session coaching an ambitious Mom to live in alignment with her career and personal goals… While my resume is considered impressive, 20 years of corporate leadership and 3 years of entrepreneurial skills, what matters most are the measurable results and what I can and will strive to do for my clients.

Because you matter outside of motherhood.


What if I told you it’s possible to get back to being you – the woman you were before potty training, common core and skinned knees – without losing the loving family you’ve worked so hard to build?

You can, and I can show you how.


Hi, I’m Jacqueline Miller and I’m a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I.G.N.I.T.E. Breakthrough Life Coach, Speaker and Author. My mission is simple: Help more women become the PERSON they want to be, not just the MOM they’re expected to.

My ultimate goal is to Bridge the Gap Between High-Achieving Women, Their Aspirations for Life & Career Excellence and The Leading- Edge Organizations That Are Committed to Fostering Exceptional Work Cultures for Women.

Women desiring to exit their corporate workspace with their aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, may also seek my services and advice After all, why reinvent the wheel?



Real talk: As an empty nester myself, I know the struggle to have a life outside of your children is real.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to empower women like you get clear on what you truly want and reconnect with or redefine your pre-mom dreams, so you can finally feel like you matter outside of motherhood.


Because, mama, you DEFINITELY do.

Seriously though….


If you ditched your before-baby dreams for diapers, but still find yourself fantasizing about opening that catering business or Etsy shop…
If you know you want to do more with your life (write a memoir, learn a language, start a business, spend a week studying culinary arts in Paris), but don’t know how to spend time doing what you love and with people you love…

If you love your kids to life, but yet still sometimes (secretly) wonder, “Okay, what’s in this for me, again?”
And if you simply can’t fathom smiling through another bottomless brunch pretending everything’s cool, when you actually hate every single day because you’ve got a crappy job you KNOW is not where you wanna be in 10 years (but yet, you’ve got bills to pay!)   …you’re in the right place.


Let me tell you: It’s totally possible to do what you love and love your family, too.

Let’s be real: Losing yourself in your kids is so common it’s scary.


Like me? I was pretty cool before babies. I had well-respected, well-paying jobs in corporate America. I was a certified etiquette teacher. And I even contemplated a singing career, after slaying it on stage at a Manhattan supper club, once upon a lifetime.


Then, the kids happened.


…And so did the baseball. And the football. And the drives to and from karate. (Don’t act like you don’t know.)

And before I knew it, I had become the dreaded mini-van mom. And even worse, I liked it!

I got so wrapped up in my kids, especially after my husband’s sudden death, – wearing that big ‘S’ (for Supermom, obviously) on my chest with pride – and for awhile, that was cool.

Until my son left for college.


Let me tell you: As soon as my beloved son loaded his last suitcase before leaving for college, I walked inside and was greeted by a woman in the mirror whom I didn’t even know.


That woman was me.


“WTH am I gonna do now?” I asked my reflection. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an answer.
Because without the football and laundry and bedtime stories, I truly had no idea who I was, what I wanted or how the heck I was going to fill my time. (Spoiler alert: I started by binging on Law & Order reruns, pizza and red wine, but apparently you can only stay in pizza -stained pajamas for so long before people start to worry.)


The moment my son walked out the door was the beginning of what would be a hard journey to rediscovering myself outside motherhood.


The good news? Today, I’ve come full circle in that journey. Today, I’m still a mom, of course, but I am so much more than that.


Today, I’m a mom, a businesswoman, a creator, a friend, a lover and dare I say it, a freakin’ hilarious human being.


Nowadays, I have my own life, my own interests, and I finally feel like I’m living my own life.

And if you’re here, that’s exactly what I want to help YOU do, too.

I want to help you…

: get past the cobwebs in your head and finally see how capable you truly are

: reconnect with your inner artist, writer or entrepreneur – and bring her out to play

: craft a plan that puts you exactly where she wants to be in 3, 5, 7 years  – whether that’s retired on a beach on St. Lucia, renting a penthouse overlooking Manhattan or traveling the globe speaking on the stuff you’re passionate about


So here’s the deal: I’m not telling you my life story for no reason. I’m telling you this because I DON’T want you to make the mistake I did.

I DON’T want you to wait for your kids to leave the nest to realize that without them, there IS no nest.

Instead, I want you to start creating a beautiful life NOW – months, years, or even decades before your kids ship out – that feels like YOURS.


Redefining who you are outside of motherhood is exciting, empowering and best of all, easier than you ever thought possible.

Forget me time…this is your time.


Are you ready to redefine #momlife and set some new #momgoals? Let’s get this party started.
I provide clarity and strategies to Moms and female entrepreneurs so they can rock their business/career, relationship and family, by having more success, money and time. The days of guaranteed pensions and pretty gold watches at retirement are over. Now is the time to begin contemplating ways to control the short and long-term outcome of your income.

Click HERE to learn more about working with me, or stay up to date on my empty nest adventures over on Facebook.







Jacqueline DuJour Enterprises, LLC

Jacqueline Miller, CEO

Life Strategist for High-Achieving Women | Human Capital Management | Diversity & Inclusion | Business Skills Trainer | Leadership & Confidence Expert

| Speaker | Author



We are a service company whose primary mission is to bridge the gap between high-achieving women, their aspirations for life & career excellence and the leading-edge organizations that are committed to fostering exceptional work cultures for women.  Jacqueline Miller also consults with leading-edge organizations to boost their success factor by delivering essential business and personal development skills training, designed to cultivate a workforce of high-performing, well-rounded talent.

Our mission is to empower teen girls and women around the world to pursue their dreams, unapologetically and guilt-free. To empower mothers to explore the possibilities for their lives beyond motherhood, setting the example for their children and seeking opportunities for creating generational wealth. To encourage and motivate ambitious career women to not simply be content with getting a seat at the “table,” but to also have a voice in designing the menu. To inspire teen girls to aspire to be more than what is often projected for them through society’s traditional, limited lens. Through our signature coaching programs, life strategies and tools, our ultimate goal is for our clients to embrace the reality that even the sky is not the limit and that they are ultimately the DEO (Dream Executive Officer) of their lives.








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