Protect Yourself From Bad Relationships in the Digital Age

It doesn’t matter how much you want to believe in the good in people; you will still come across heartbreak and people who inflict emotional pain. When you are recovering from a breakup, it is imperative that you look out for #1 – you! Surround yourself with positivity people and things. Protecting your heart and mind is one thing, however, in this digital world, it behooves you to also seek protection there as well. Admittedly, no app can predict the success of a relationship. No app can inform you whether you can trust people or not. But there are plenty of useful tools to ensure that your best interests are always protected, from your privacy to your personal space. There’s still no software tool to mend a broken heart, though. Only time can do that, but thankfully this is exactly what digital technology is about: Giving you the time to recover at your own pace while providing you with the technology to help keep you safe in the meantime.


He’s your ex for a reason

It’s the end of a long or short love story, and your first reaction might be to update your Facebook profile from “in a relationship” to “single.” But why not take a step forward and review your privacy settings too? If you have no intention of winning your ex back, there is no reason to keep them among your list of contacts. In fact, there are plenty of excellent reasons why you should block them from your contacts altogether. Firstly, you need to remind yourself that you don’t need them; that’s what a breakup is all about. Secondly, you don’t want them spying on you and your every move. And finally, it removes all harmful temptation. You can’t start anything new if you still have access to each other’s status updates and stories.

Protect your privacy

Believe it or not, but not everybody is considerate after a breakup. In fact, some people can be so spiteful that they’ll do anything to harm you. That’s precisely why you need to change all your passwords. From your social media accounts to your Netflix account, you need to protect your privacy and ensure that your ex can’t connect to any of them, especially if you’ve saved your old passwords on their computer. Additionally, if your ex is a tech genius, you might find them trying to spy on you through your webcam. To avoid any risk of remote control access, you should add a webcam cover from C-Slide. This is especially important if your ex was allowed to use your laptop: Who knows what programs are hiding in there?

Take care of yourself

Finally, when you’re ready to meet someone new, you can choose to try a different approach, maybe even meet a matchmaking agency rep for support. After all, it can be challenging to meet new people if you don’t know where to look. However, when going on a date with people you aren’t familiar with, consider downloading a stay-safe app to your phone. uSafeUS, for example, sends a fake request to interrupt the date if it isn’t meeting your expectations. The Angel Drink, a code that will discreetly tell the bartender you need help, can also rescue you from an uncomfortable situation.
While bad relationships still occur, tech gadgets can be a girl’s best friend. In the meantime, focus on self-care and healing your heart; digital technology is being developed every day to help take care of other aspects of your life.


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