Motherhood: Is It For You?


Most women desire the beautiful experience of motherhood. Many began dreaming of becoming a mom when they were little girls watching their mom or another woman who happened to be enjoying motherhood. However, for decades now, more American women have been gradually pushing back the age at which they choose to become parents. In 1970, the mean age of women giving birth to their first child was 21. On average, recent data from the CDC reported that women are now having their first child at approximately age 28. Women who desire to become moms, but are delaying the decision are doing so for various reasons. Some are choosing to pursue higher education, to travel, to date instead with expectations of ultimately finding the right partner to have a child with and of course, to advance their careers. Many have witnessed a friend or relative have a baby and subsequently lose sight of herself.

Motherhood, after all, is not where dreams go to die, and many women are afraid of being unable to recapture their life as they know it now, after becoming a mom. Still, it’s likely that most will experience a maternal instinct in any capacity at some point. This inner primal desire is one which many find difficult to ignore. Even if she has a fantastic career, having a family could be the cherry on top. Might that be you? Of course, no one can dictate how you choose to live your life, and many people live amazing and fulfilled lives without having children. However, if you’re one of the people who is looking forward to raising a family, it helps first to plan and prepare. Although not all pregnancies are planned, it helps to have given some prior thought and consideration to the following:

Assess Your Financial Situation

First, you must check your financial standing. You needn’t be wealthy, or own property, or even have thousands upon thousands of savings. It does help to have a job or a business with a steady income, and it certainly helps to have a partner who has the same. Minimal and manageable debt is preferred, and no financial challenges that might impact your credit rating, or could lead to repossessions or asset recovery. It’s vital to stay wise with your monetary decision from now on, as every choice you make affects your future child.


Make sure your pets are suitable to be around a baby. If they’re not, you might consider either finding them a new home or planning how to separate them from the baby. For example, if you own a large dog or an inquisitive cat, especially one that you’ve had for awhile, it’s important to make sure they don’t have easy access to the child’s crib while sleeping, as they may mistake the baby for something to play with or otherwise act too roughly with. Never be too cautious.

Long-Term Plans

Once you decide that motherhood is one of your short-term goals, it’s never too early to begin creating long-term plans. Are you renting now, if so will you buy a house? If so, will you be able to to be approved for a mortgage? Where will you live geographically? Are you in a relatively family-friendly environment or are you residing somewhere less stable? Will you return to work or will you be a stay-at-home mom? These are just a few of the many long-term issues that you will need to address.


If you are happy with all of the above, you may decide to move forward with conceiving a beautiful child, While some pregnancies occur rather quickly, many women have to work very hard at getting pregnant. Just because you are ready, does not mean it will happen right away. Some people have varying degrees of success and some none at all. To improve your chances, consider getting fit and healthy if you currently are not. If you aren’t already doing so, visit your OB/GYN physician for a prenatal visit. Being in good health before getting pregnant may naturally raise your fertility levels. Consider using this ovulation calculator free to find the best times for success.

Many women will attest to having a child being the best thing to ever happen to them, while others question if they are cut out to balance both work and motherhood. Whatever your ultimate decision may be, do it for you and what makes the most sense for your life.


All the best luck in the world to you!


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