MegaFest 2017 Leadership Speaker Jacqueline Miller

Every Successful  Businesswoman Must Possess

Effective Leadership Skills



The mark of a true leader is not a position or title you’ve held, but it is how many people are willing to follow you. My primary mission as a leader is not to be liked, but to leave a positive impression on the lives of those in my circle, one that they’ll thank me for one day.

Faith, Focus, and Fortitude. The trifecta of my life. God has blessed me in ways that I could have only imagined. Grateful for the angels and the opportunities that He has placed in my life and the wisdom to persevere – no matter who or no matter what. I give all glory to Him. Unapologetically.

The only missing component in this amazing blessing is that my Mom isn’t here to share this news with. However, my gut tells me that God has made it possible for her to have a front row seat in heaven for this one. #missmymom

Join me in Dallas. #GirlBOSS


June 29, 2017 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

The Boss Network: How to Lead as a Professional Woman

Location: Omni Hotel Dallas Ballroom D1
No one is a born leader. Everyone can develop leadership skills, and everyone can benefit from using them. One skill that every businesswoman should possess is leadership. Great leadership qualities are a key to success and allow people the ability to take charge of situations to ultimately get the job done. No matter what field you are in, having good leadership skills is critical to your success.
Come listen in on the discussion amongst our panel of successful women in leadership to learn how to take charge of your life now!

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