Dream Chasers: Make Sure You Don’t Run Out Of Steam

You are a dream chaser! You have drive, passion, and are in love with the idea of climbing the corporate ladder as a high-achiever. Whether that’s being the CEO of a major company or being your own boss, you want the responsibility and the challenge. Still, it’s a long and arduous road which saps energy and leaves lots of people wondering “Am I made for this?” Questioning a career decision isn’t rare, but what is common is finding the strength to continue walking down the path. Sadly, many people give in and decide that their dreams are too far away to reach. Fear convinces them that their dreams are unrealistic. Well, you don’t have to be one of these people who gets sidetracked my doubt, as long as you understand what it takes to keep the fire burning.

With that in mind, here are 3 things to consider.

Sometimes You Have To Pay Your Dues

Many students with big dreams view school as a herding pen for real life. Sure, some of the things you learn are important, but the essential stuff comes when you are in a live environment is their belief. So, lots of young adults coast through college without a care in the world. Bad idea. Even if a university course isn’t as challenging as the actual job you hope to have one day, it’s a fantastic place to mold your attitude and maintain a healthy work ethic. Many girls, in particular, are focusing in on careers in S.T.E.M. and one field that has a large female population is optometry. At the school of Optometry and Vision Science, for example, students are encouraged to treat every task with the same vigor and lust for success. Why? Because when they are fully qualified to practice, what they have learned in the classroom will all be applied in their actual job.

More Money, Fewer Problems

There’s a well-known saying which goes, “Money makes the world go round.” There are caveats, but this is true in a lot of scenarios, and pursuing your dreams is no different. Yes, your calling may be to help people and make a difference, yet you can’t do that without cash. From hiring coaches, building websites, taking courses and other bills that have to be paid, there will always be people who want their pound of flesh. A late payment of a debt will likely result in a hefty fee, and no one wants that headache. Without funds to invest in yourself, the chances of achieving your dreams get slimmer, and that thought causes discouragement. All the more reason to cut expenses where possible, create a budget, continue to work for someone else if necessary, so that you can accumulate the money needed to make your dreams a reality. The rapper, Notorious B.I.G., believed more money led to more problems, however, when you are in need of money, most people are willing and ready to disprove that belief.

Constructive Criticism

Along the way, friends, family, and anyone with an opinion will likely put you down. We call them dream killers. Of course, this treatment is difficult not to take personally when it relates to your dreams and aspirations. Remember that feedback is imperative in order for us to grow. Often the same people who are criticising are doing absolutely nothing to take their lives to the next level, can be quite frustrating. However, reacting emotionally is neither good for you, nor your long-term goals. It creates a type of stress that is counterproductive to your goals. It’s important to remember that people motivate and inspire in different ways. Assess each person’s comments or behaviors individually, as their intent may be different from your assumptions. Keep in mind that many may want to help you, but often don’t know how. Because this is your vision, you have a clear understanding of what’s involved, while others may not have a clue. Listen and observe and then apply or not, the advise given as you deem appropriate. Not everyone will be on Team You, but many more likely want to see you succeed than you know.

The key to success is moderation when you are pursuing a goal. Never lose sight of your health, proper sleep and remember, self-care is not selfish.

Congratulations, dream chaser, you’ve begun your journey to living your best life, but, not being able to finish what you started is a sure-fire way to fail. Failure is not an option for a fierce phenom like yourself.

Good luck and stay focused!


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