Juggling Act: Balancing Motherhood and Business

To be a mother is difficult. To have a career is difficult. To do both of these things at the same time, however, takes a level of strength that can be considered superhuman. However, while it can seem overwhelming to juggle so many responsibilities, with some careful planning, you can ensure all your needs are met, including a third concern: your happiness and wellbeing. Below, let’s take a look at five useful tips for combining the most significant and most important aspects of your life.

Motherhood and Business

Stay Organized

Life can seem rushed, especially when you have to get to work (even if it’s a home office for your business), put in a full day of effort, all the while making sure your family and home life is well taken care of. The key is organization; it’ll enable you to use your time most efficiently. On each Sunday evening, consider making a list of all the things you need to do during the upcoming week. When everything has been slotted into a specific time frame, you’ll find it all much more manageable. No longer will you have the dreaded experience of, “I’m sure there was something I was supposed to be doing…oh no!”

Childcare Options

The reality is this – you can’t do it all alone. One area of your life to consider getting assistance with is childcare. While there are many options, private or public childcare facilities are a popular one. Remember, spaces at the best options will fill up quickly, so make sure you’re visiting daycare facilities well in advance of open enrollment. If you don’t know what you should be looking for, take a look at ‘What’s The Ideal Child-to-Caregiver Ratio For Daycare?’ It’ll help you to choose a daycare center that gives your child all the attention and care they need.

Focus First

You’ll have a lot of thoughts buzzing around your head when you’re trying to juggle your career and childcare responsibilities. As such, it’ll be easy to get lost, to never know whether you’re coming or going. Make sure you’re mentally committed to wherever you are. For example, if you’re working on business-related tasks, then your focus should solely be on your work. When you’re having family time, allow them to be the focus and minimize any business-related distractions.

Talk To Your Employer

You’re not a work slave who has to follow whatever the employer requests blindly. You have a voice and can make your own demands and needs know too. Tactfully of course. When you’re first returning to work after maternity leave for example, or should you suddenly become a caregiver for an elderly parent, speak to your employer about the possibility of a flexible schedule. They’re likely going to be more open to your suggestions than you might expect, especially if you have proven to be a valued member of the organization. And in any case, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Time For Yourself

To be at your best in both your career and family life, you need to ensure that your needs are being met, first and foremost. Though you’ll have a lot of responsibilities, it’s vital that you’re taking time for yourself. Do the things that you love, and you’ll be calmer, happier, and better able to enjoy life to the fullest.


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